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Permanent removal of common skin growths is now fast, easy and affordable!


One treatment is all that it takes. Read more below!

This machine uses a high-frequency electrical current that delivers a precise spark through a micro-needle which cauterizes and desiccates skin growths. During the procedure the micro-needle will remain above the skin surface; it does not penetrate the skin. As the growth is removed, a natural protective coating or scab develops that covers the treated area. Within the next few days, the scab will fall off and be replaced by healthy new skin cells, resembling the color of the surrounding skin tissue. In most cases, there is no visible indication of the previous growth.

The SuperFrecator 6800 Series is generally more effective than liquid nitrogen in removing skin growths.  More than one application of liquid nitrogen is needed to remove a growth, whereas only one SuperFrecator treatment is ever necessary. Yes, once a skin growth has been treated with the SuperFrecator, it does not return. 
However, if your skin is prone to these types of grows, new ones may continue to appear in different places on your face and body.

Age Spots, Sun Spots, Skin Tags, Cherry Angiomas, Common Moles, Warts, Hyper Pigmentation, Broken Capillaries (on face), Keratosis, Cholesterol Deposits. [We will only remove moles if your doctor has advised that they are non-cancerous]

• Do NOT wash treatment sight until the next day: Softening of the brand new scab with water may cause it to come off prematurely; the end result is that the skin will take longer time to heal.
• Do NOT scratch the treated area: During the healing process, the area may become itchy, it is suggested to use the back of your hand to gently pat it a few times to aid the itchiness. This helps to avoid the irritation that may cause delay in the healing process.
• Do NOT apply any product on the treatment sight: Products that are not instructed to apply on are most likely to cause irritation of the skin. The only two things that can be put on skin are sun blocker or 100% mineral powder make up, make sure no rubbing and use clean and soft brush to apply the mineral powder.
• Do NOT use sauna room, steam room, swimming, Jacuzzi, long shower or activities that cause excess sweat until the scab falls off. Extra wetness of the treatment sight may cause the scab to fall off prematurely, this will result in the scab to form again, and it causes delay in the healing process.
• Do NOT use any acid product until two months after the treatment. There should be no exfoliation on brand new skin; it may cause major irritation or acid burn to the new cells.
• Do NOT use microdermabrasion or any other exfoliates for at least one month.
• Do: Wear sun block every day.
• Do: Use Polysporin or Neosporin if there is redness around the treatment sight. Apply at night only.
• Do: Use “Mederma” after the scab falls off; this cream may also help the skin to recover its natural color faster. This product can be purchased at Shoppers, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Rite Aid and online